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Brand advantage

  1, the wind turbine test run

  The eccentric ratio of the general fan impeller is tens of microns. Impeller contour and the shaft with a gap exists, such clearance for hundreds of microns; fan shaft and the dynamic balance of deflection difference, will cause new eccentric; pulley general equilibrium level is low, fitted to the shaft of the blower, also introduce new imbalance; so the overall dynamic balance level far below the wind wheel dynamic balance grade, vibration must be very large.

  After the fan support, for the entire mobile balance, effectively solve the above problems, the overall level of motor balance G2.5, higher than the national standard.

  The overall motor balance can also be detected in the bearing installation of the wind turbine, to prevent bearing early failure.

  2, bearing installation version

  General bearing pedestal mounting plate is thick flat steel strip production, due to the long strip is bent and deformed, natural state and the mating surfaces of the bearing is not smooth, soft foot or larger gap; sturdy bolt bearing seat deformation, bearing seat in full in the horizontal or vertical direction is changed into ellipse, the bearing in relatively short axis position upstream go gap becomes small ball caused by extrusion. This is common fan bearing damage cause of.

Bearing block deformation, but also caused by the increase in the vibration of fans.

Our fan base type bearing mounting plate after the completion of welding, milling, to ensure the accuracy of matching plane, the manufacturers generally cushion square type can not be compared.

  3, fan

  Grinding or C40 C35 cold drawn steel shaft with many manufacturers of wind machine, or a vehicle processing without additional processing, the lower shaft strength, deflection is larger. It is easy to cause the vibration of a half - time frequency, which can cause the broken shaft.

  Our company is used in the wind machine 45 steel, after the car, quenching and tempering heat treatment, grinding, high strength, small deflection.

  4, the surface quality of the wind box

  I company galvanized plate had the flower hot dip galvanized sheet, the company has a production line of Kaiping, large size sheet of fan volute, box of a protective film, the surface of the plate no scratches, beautiful appearance, and the multi line parallel rib pressing machine pressure and strength of the whole machine greatly increased.

  5, wind case thickness

  Case baffle thickness for 25, 40mm, ventilation chassis by 25mm muffling flame retardant cotton production process, fire case 50mm silencing layer structure, its internal a porous plate, flame retardant cotton anechoic, glass fiber cloth, sound deadening effect obviously, boarding high strength, in eliminating noise and also take into account the fire.

  6, impeller

  Abandoned the old methods consistent use of domestic manufacturers, vane material when using coarse wool embryo template, hub and the blade is welded or riveted manual positioning method, after forming the impeller blade angle deviation too large, direct impact on the efficiency and noise.

  My company's blade according to the aerodynamics principle, by the multi-objective optimization design. The wheel hub is formed by punching process. Connecting impeller and blade by profiling positioning after riveting or welding, installation angle, the right has the advantages of small deviation. Each impeller is static and dynamic balance check.

  7 belt wheel

  We use novel Euclidean cone sleeve belt wheel, compared to the consistent use of ordinary leather wheel, the utility model has the advantages of for transmitting high power has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation, without the need for axial positioning, taper sleeve adopts the self-locking principle, transmission and reliable installation, before they leave the factory do percent hundred balance, small vibration, low noise, life insurance for five years.

  8 valve

  Our manufacturing valve used for the riveting process of galvanized plate, galvanized plate raw materials used in Baosteel No flower galvanized plate, unified materials by cutting, bending, riveting riveting machine, from the parts to the whole molding without welding and spray treatment, compared with the old welding process using cold-rolled plate, galvanized plate material, resistance corrosion resistance is much higher than that of cold rolled plate painting, can guarantee the life does not rust, corrosion; all body stamping, dot riveting, accurate size specification, smooth and beautiful appearance; the advantages of galvanized plate riveted valve has the advantages of simple structure, low leakage, low friction torque, low noise, flexible operation, convenient installation, good rigidity, leaf appearance, variety is complete, the provisions of its performance and parameters of the indicators have reached the standard of JB/T7228-94. Can be widely used in the industrial and civil air conditioning and ventilation system, in order to achieve the purpose of accurate control of air quantity.

  9, bearing installation

  Most manufacturers of wind machine by equipped with respective installation, different levels of each technology, quality is not stable; Yu Cai fan the assembly line, the person responsible for the installation and adjustment of the bearing, the quality is stable.

  10, all aluminum roof fan

  The production of domestic manufacturers production process lack of mold, often using a manual welding process, the appearance of coarse, easy to produce welding stress, hair dryer, cap strength low, resulting in fan vibration increases, affect the use of performance, in the factory must also painting process, to cover welding after the defective parts.

  My company manufacturing aluminum roof wind machine, the use of complete sets of tooling, assembly line production process manufacturing, wind turbine models of 300-1000 big hat, cap, a base collector in high precision die casting die molding, molding parts of the outer surface appearance, no scratches, the machine factory of no need to carry out surface paint processing.

  11, motor

  Motor is the power source of the fan, is the quality of the fan is one of the key points, many domestic manufacturers in order to reduce your price by fan, reflecting the price advantage, obtains the customer's orders, while the use of domestic manufacturers to produce low-end motor, even use refurbished motor, profiteering directly affect the quality of the fan, bring serious security hidden trouble to the customer.

  Yucai fan with production equipment and testing procedures are complete fan special motor, and have passed the ISO9001, 3C certification, the main motor supplier has: abb, Siemens (Bader), the people of Shanghai motor, Shanghai high speed motor of explosion-proof, Zhejiang innovation motor domestic manufacturers.

  12, type selection matching

  Domestic manufacturers in matching selection, with little regard for the box pressure loss is big, the machine more than bare metal fan pressure and residual pressure and actual pressure is relatively low, in the greater air flow pressure loss greatly, sometimes with a small motor power;

When matching the type selection, we take full account of the pressure loss of the box and the matched filter, and ensure the actual use efficiency of the air blower.

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