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  Our company is a professional manufacturer of ventilation equipment for Zhejiang enterprises, production base is located in Hefei, covering an area of about 40000 square meters of land, plant of 45000 square meters for a long time, adhere to the rely on scientific and technological progress, actively promote the modernization of management, set "science, industry and trade in one, he combines" production, learning and research "combination, established the basic principles of" science and technology industry, production specialization, diversification ", make the enterprise quick to high-tech, professional development. Effectively promoting the development of high-tech products industrialization, complete set, engineering. Enterprise in order to introduce the strengths of different professional technology, and further enhance the development aftereffect of the enterprise, has established long-term technology development cooperation with Zhejiang University, University of science and technology of China, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other research institutions. At the same time, continuous training and introduction of talents, and effectively strengthen the enterprise itself to the advanced science and technology to attract digestion and innovation ability. So that has been developed by dozens of series, over a thousand varieties of different specifications of ventilation equipment with the characteristics of energy consumption province, low noise, excellent balance, reliable operation and, repeatedly been rated "Anhui market quality reliable enterprise"; Chinese private enterprise quality credit supervision Association rating to "re quality, Shou credibility unit road" "quality, reputation, service AAA demonstration unit".

  Specializing in the production of the products are: all kinds of fans, central air-conditioning aluminum alloy air vents, scattered converter, all air valve, muffler, static pressure box, energy-saving anti flame retardant flexible hose.

  The enterprise is located three Yuan Industrial Park Hefei Xinzhan Industrial Zone, welcome new and old customers to visit, study.


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