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Selection of wind turbine

Fan selection instructions include the design of the ventilator, the use of instructions and other elements, in the design, selection, installation, so that and the selection of accessories can refer to the reference:

1. The design of ventilation: different places ventilation standard and fan selection of units, such as assembly factory standard ventilation frequency 12 (times / h) steam room 40 (times / h)

And other industries, you must specify the name, type, air quantity, air pressure, power, etc..

2 the use of fan

A. fan housing or motor shell grounding must be reliable, the prohibition of reverse rotation, the prohibition of the running of the rated current, the lack of running.

B. fan bearing less than 1000 times the number of refueling, the maintenance of the wind turbine in operation.

3 fan installation

A. fully familiar with the wind turbine sample, familiar with the wind turbine specifications, models, the impeller rotation direction and air flow, etc., should be checked before the installation of the impeller has no rub touch phenomenon. And all parts of a comprehensive inspection, the attachment is complete. Whether the parts are fastened, or if the wind vane is seriously checked for damage or deformation, otherwise it will be installed before repair.

B. connect the import and export of fan wind pipe shall have an independent support, will not be allowed to add the weight of pipes on wind machine parts, fan installation should pay attention to the horizontal position of the fan, fan and the foundation of joint surface and a wind pipe connection should be adjusted to fit the nature, can not be forcibly connected.

C. fan after installation, by hand or with lever toggle impeller, check whether there is too tight or collision, without prejudice to rotate objects, no abnormal phenomenon before commissioning, fan drive exposed should be part of the door cover, the wind inlet of the fan is not connected with pipes, also need to acquire protective net or other safety devices (user owned)

D. fan connection must be correct and reliable, and the shell of the wind turbine should be properly grounded. The power supply for the supply fan must be complete and in line with the relevant requirements. Electrical wiring must have professional knowledge of electrical wiring.

4 fan debugging

A. fan allows full voltage starting or step-down start, but should pay attention to, the full voltage starting current is 5-7 times the rated current, reduced voltage starting torque and the square of the voltage is proportional to, when the power capacity shortage should be using step-down start

B. fan during the process of testing, should carefully read the instructions, check wiring method is the same wiring diagram is consistent; should carefully check whether it meets the requirements of the working voltage of the power supply, the power supply is lack of phase or phase, the distribution of whether it meets the requirements of the capacity of electrical components. There are no less than two people in the trial.

5 fan connection method must be in accordance with the fan wiring diagram to correct connection.


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