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After-sale service




  After-sales service commitment

  The company will send qualified, work required, experienced technical service personnel, the contract equipment installation, testing, system testing, and other technical services.

  According to the company for many years of technical service experience, technology is broadly divided into four stages, the company will send the relevant departments to participate in:

  1, equipment in place and installation stage:

  This stage is mainly to solve the installation of the company's products and the construction of the interface problem. The company will be free to send personnel to assist the installation unit in the formulation of lifting scheme, equipment hoisting can be on-site technical guidance, to ensure the safety of the installation of the equipment, free to send professional HVAC engineers on-site assist the installation unit to solve the interface problems of the company's products, to install units in the successful completion of installation work.

  2, ventilation test run and commissioning stage:

  The main job is to assist the construction unit and the owner to complete the operation of the company's products and the overall commissioning. The company will send professional after-sales service engineers to participate in the whole system test run and the whole debugging process, and to ensure the company's products to debug to the best operating conditions.

  3, fan debugging is completed to the equipment warranty period:

  The main work of this stage is the company's products in the first run of the process for user operator familiar fan operation and treatment of emergencies. The company will be free of charge to the owners of 2 fans of the maintenance and operation of the operator, to ensure that the owners can be skilled maintenance and operation of the company's products.

  Provide free maintenance service for the maintenance period.

  Every year twice returning to work, inspection of operating parameters of the ventilation machine, parts for maintenance, carries on the explanation to the problems during the operation, prevent unburned.

  If unexpected event, the company guarantees that 4 hours after receiving the notice to the scene to deal with, and provide 24 hours uninterrupted service, until the problem is resolved.

  After the expiry of the term of equipment:

  The main work of this stage is a quick solution to the problems the company's products in the operation process, and to ensure the spare parts and timely supply. The company guarantees the same time after the expiration of the service, and the maintenance of only a charge of the cost and labor costs.

  The company throughout the country's 20 after-sales service network, five large area after sale service center, the total service center of the company's total coordination, is a solid guarantee for the above services.

  After sales service hotline: phone 0551--5691645

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