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GXF- I (SJG) pipe flow fan

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  The existing muffler, most of the use of impedance composite muffler principle. Due to the complex structure, large weight, high temperature oxidation absorption filler, high-speed airflow shock absorber filler, water vapor permeability absorption fillers and other reasons, muffler is prone to frequent maintenance, poor anechoic effect, short service cycle, and the like.

  And this is always the difficulty in design of muffler, micro perforated muffler is the most reasonable attenuation principle designed to solve the above problems, and achieved good results. Micro perforated muffler muffler without the use of any resistance sound absorption filler, the micro perforated holes multi cavity structure, high pressure air inside the muffler by multiple control flow into the cavity body, gradually change the original flow of audio. Small resistance loss, wide band width, work can not dust. Not afraid of oil mist, water vapor. High temperature resistance, high speed air impact. The environmental noise is in line with the national industrial enterprise noise health standards. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, textile and other industries.

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