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Water curtain cooling system advantage

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  1 effectively eliminate the bad air in the workshop. About three hundred people in a factory in Guangdong, because of the air does not flow, resulting in the prevalence of influenza infection, many people leave, serious impact on production. The wind exhaust system installed after health care room recommendations, two days after the effect to get instant results.

  2 effectively eliminate odor. A plating factory for the installation of ventilation equipment, more than the staff of pulmonary infection, and later found us to install ventilation equipment, use a long time after a significant improvement.

  3 effective exclusion of smoke. A welding plant because of a large number of welding operation, resulting in the workshop smoke filled the air, seriously affect the working personnel of sight, since the ventilation system installed after, work efficiency has been greatly improved, employee mood is also very good.

  4 can reduce the dust in the workshop. A furniture factory for sawdust flying around, staff daily wearing masks work, unusually hot. Due to installed we drencher ventilation cooling equipment. That was a decrease of dust workshop, reducing temperature of the plant, making the plant becomes cool, efficiency is increased significantly. 

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