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Eight major advantages of free maintenance of negative pressure air blower and cooling wet curtain wall

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1, can prevent the build-up of influenza (negative pressure plant) Qingpu Shanghai a factory, a production line of 44 people, of which 12 people a cold leave. The whole production line is discontinued, the plant manager thought of the possibility of workshop flu, ordered to open the negative pressure machine to let air flow. Since then really no one to leave, leave employees have been returned to the post, which shows the importance of the workshop ventilation!

2, excessive heat

To the summer workshop is often higher than the outdoor temperature, although it is by mechanical equipment, solar radiation, light, emitted by the human body temperature retention causes the temperature to rise, but mainly because air can not flow, unbearably hot. Negative pressure generated by the heat flow of the workshop to achieve the purpose of ventilation and cooling.

3, excessive moisture and moisture

Too much water can not go out, the food factory situation, the negative pressure can be discharged too much water can be cooled, the effect is very significant.

4, can reduce the workshop's smell and smoke

The factory is most afraid of smoke, fog, a Inner Mongolia coal mining machine factory, Shanghai sports equipment factory... Are welding fumes can not go out, causing a lot of trouble. First, the EPA does not pass the border. Two, the staff of the inhalation of smoke, causing the problem of lung. Three, the work efficiency is low. Four, please do not wait for the staff, etc.....

5, can eliminate the workshop accumulation of waste gas

A, Guangdong, a production of light tube factory, due to ventilation caused more than 800 employees, the majority of mercury poisoning, the factory was forced to close the door.

B, a factory in Suzhou, long-term storage of positive ethane has resulted in dozens of employees poisoning, many people died of tragedy, and triggered a wave of factory workers strike, had to pay attention to the importance of ventilation.

C, Suzhou Apple why poisoning? You are a little bit of the shop to clean the toluene, I am a little welding smoke, he painted a little, the death of the workshop air is not circulating, this is not a long time to poison!

6, can reduce the dust in the workshop

Dongguan, a furniture factory, due to too much dust, ordinary people into the workshop people sneeze, employees that work for a long time, do not have problems??

7, increase the oxygen content of the workshop, improve the working efficiency and productivity

Hot summer, the staff working efficiency of accommodating disease, imagine, production capacity will be good?

8, that is, environmental protection, and energy saving

Cost of about only air conditioning 1/3, electricity consumption is only 1/10.

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