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The principle of air cooling humidity and humidity ventilation and cooling of air blower

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  In nature, water is evaporated by air. The temperature of the water is usually lower than the air temperature, so it can suck the heat from the air. The more sunlight, the higher the temperature, the air is dry; when the air to return to moist - such as the sea breeze blowing or the next rain, the temperature will fall. This is the principle of water evaporation heat absorption.

  Shuilian negative pressure cooling (also known as energy-saving air-conditioning curtain), is based on the water evaporation and heat absorption and fan negative pressure ventilation principle design and. When the weather is hot, the outdoor air temperature often reaches 33 ~ 37, humidity 70%-60%, the heat of the machine and the lighting equipment in the workshop will cause the indoor air temperature to rise more than 2 degrees Celsius. The factory will be more hot. As shown below: in plant surrounded by walls choose a wall mounted water curtain, corresponding to the other side of the wall mounted exhaust fan water curtain with tap water circulating cooling. When the doors and windows closed, when the system is booted, exhaust fan to keep indoor turbid hot air is discharged to the outdoors, make indoor form a negative pressure; and the outdoor air in under the action of the negative pressure of the chamber through the water curtain, is endothermic evaporation cooling, dust isolation after into cool fresh air continuously added into the indoor. The indoor airflow from the water flow into the fan end end, thereby reducing the temperature of the indoor space 

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