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Characteristics of maintenance free cooling, direct negative pressure air blower

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  1, citing foreign advanced technology produced by the F, IP55 class insulation aluminum shell fan motor. Long service life, smooth operation, low noise, and has the function of under phase and over load protection.

  2, the 500 year decomposition FRP (fiberglass) for the fan shell material, with resistance to acid and alkali, corrosion resistance, no rust, long life and other characteristics, also can be reduced due to the machine for metal materials and resonate with the phenomenon.

  3, according to the fluid mechanics (airflow principle), using CAD / CAM optimization design and manufacture of angle, air volume, noise are reasonable blade, by aviation aluminum die casting material for the blade, not aging, not change shape, matching motor only 0.75KW.

  4, the use of the principle of making the design of air flow without electricity, automatic switch, rainproof pneumatic shutter. The other is the electroplating industry specializing in the development of the anti acid corrosion, steel blade.

  The motor 5, negative pressure type horn fan may run in the bad environment, long service life, the most suitable negative pressure type exhaust fan.

  6, free of belt - let you do not have maintenance trouble.

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